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Brave Search Breaks Away from Bing and Becomes Independent

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Brave Search Breaks Away from Bing and Becomes Independent

Brave Search Cuts Ties With Bing & Goes Independent

Brave Search has taken a significant step towards independence by cutting ties with Bing and decoupling from the Microsoft search engine. This move follows the launch of the privacy-focused search engine’s beta testing phase in the summer of 2021. The decision to move away from Bing further solidifies Brave’s commitment to user privacy and data protection.

What Makes Brave Search Different From Other Search Engines?

Brave Search is a search engine that emphasizes user privacy and data protection. Unlike mainstream search engines like Google and Bing, Brave Search does not track user behavior or collect data on user search history. Instead, Brave Search prioritizes user privacy by decentralizing search results and relying on anonymous taps of users’ search activity to improve results. This unique approach to search sets Brave Search apart from its competitors and positions it as a champion of user privacy.

Why did Brave Search Cut Ties With Bing?

Brave Search’s decision to decouple from Bing is a logical step in its ongoing mission to protect user privacy. Bing is one of the largest search engines in the world, but its reliance on user data and tracking tactics conflicts with Brave Search’s commitment to user privacy. By cutting ties with Bing, Brave Search eliminates an intermediary in the search process and takes greater control over the data collected during user searches. By relying on its own independent search infrastructure instead of outsourcing to Bing, Brave Search can ensure that user data remains protected and secure.

What’s Next For Brave Search?

Brave Search is currently in beta testing, and the decoupling from Bing is a significant step forward in the development of the platform. As Brave Search prepares for its public launch, the team behind the search engine will continue to prioritize user privacy and data protection. The Brave Search platform will primarily rely on anonymous search taps to gather user data, and the platform will push this data back to users in the form of improved search results. Through its unique approach to search, Brave Search aims to provide users with a more private and secure search experience.


With its commitment to user privacy and independence from mainstream search engines, Brave Search is poised to disrupt the search industry and offer users a distinctive search experience. The decision to cut ties with Bing further reinforces the mission of the platform and highlights its dedication to prioritizing user privacy. As Brave Search continues its beta testing and prepares for a public launch, it is an exciting time for those looking for a search engine that puts user privacy and data protection first.

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